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We fundamentally believe that good safety is good business.

We actively seek to create a culture that is intolerant of accidents, incidents and poor performance and where safety is paramount and personal, such that it influences people's choices and behaviour. To deliver on this commitment we will:

  • Provide visible, passionate and effective health and safety leadership that supports and improves our safety culture, and engages people at all levels

  • Establish and maintain an effective health and safety management system, including processes to eliminate hazards and reduce risks to health and safety

  • Comply with all applicable legislative and industry requirements pertaining to health and safety as the minimum acceptable standard

  • Provide sufficient information, advice, training and supervision to ensure that our people and contractors are aware of their responsibilities and are competent to undertake their activities

  • Establish channels of communication and consultation which encourage all employees to contribute to improvements in our health and safety performance

  • Recognise and reward good health and safety performance and apply established disciplinary procedures to those who deliberately breach our requirements

  • Measure and report health and safety performance on a regular, consistent and meaningful basis and use those measures to benchmark our performance against best practice

  • Establish procedures for the audit and review of our health and safety management system

  • Develop and review, on an annual basis, plans that include detailed and measurable objectives and targets for the continual improvement of our performance.

Click here to view our Infectious Diseases Management Plan. 

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