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Ghana Manganese Company

Consmin, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, owns 90% of Ghana Manganese Company Limited (GMC). The remaining 10% is owned by the Government of Ghana.

GMC owns and operates the Nsuta manganese mine in the western region of Ghana. GMC holds a mining concession for manganese over an area of 175 square kilometres in and around Nsuta in the Western Region of Ghana, less than 3% of which has been mined to date.

GMC ore is one of the highest manganese-to-iron ratio ores in the market (Mn:Fe ~31) and is low in phosphorous, alumina and other heavy metal impurities, making it well-suited for both alloy and manganese metal production.

The mine is located close to the major port of Takoradi, which is approximately 63km by rail or 92km by road. At Takoradi, GMC owns and operates its own ship loading infrastructure.

Reserves and Resources: Carbonate*

Total Reserves21.829%
Total Resources41.828%
* As at 30 June 2012

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